For a people bound by conflict, hope lies in reclaiming a lost humanity.



About the film

More than 7 million Palestinians live around the globe, tracing their roots to one of the most contested geographic regions in human history. Where is Palestine? explores the diverse narrative of this community through the lens of individuals in Jordan, the West Bank and Israel, and exposes the grim reality of Palestinian life under Israeli occupation.

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A fascinating film that examines the rippling effects of the 70+ years of occupation on the hearts and minds of the Palestinian people, both in Palestine and in the diaspora. Viewers will be left with a deep sense of the Palestinian’s view on the current conflict, as well as of their quest for dignity and peace.
— Susan Muaddi Darraj, author



About the Filmmakers

Where is Palestine? is a project of producer Timothy Palmer and director Nathan Driskell. Timothy is a longtime champion of the Palestinian community who spent formative years of his childhood in the West Bank, and Nathan is a seasoned documentary filmmaker who uses film to promote the shared human experience.

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